“Last Call for Endor Express” Liveblog

The Disneyland Paris Treasures blog will be liveblogging the “Last Call for Endor Express”, the final trip to the forest moon of Endor with the legendary Star Tours attraction on Wednesday March 16, 2016, from 8 p.m. to 11:45 p.m. at the Disneyland Park.

After that event Star Tours will close for about a year and receive the updated Star Tours–The Adventures Continues, which will mark the final closure of the last of the original Star Tour rides.

What kind of surprises Disneyland Paris has planned for the official closing ceremony is unknown yet, but here is the Agenda as it is has been published so far:

From 7:15 p.m. until 8 p.m., at the latest, we are pleased to welcome, at the entrance of the Disneyland Park® (at the Donald Desk close to Salon Mickey), each Shareholders Club member who is registered for this event and upon presentation of a valid Shareholders Club card and an event registration confirmation.

11:15 p.m.: Closing of Videopolis and closing ceremony of the attraction

And here we go, the Liveblog of the “Last Call for Endor Express” Event happens right here, right now! Liveblog updates happen below and will refresh automatically. So just scroll down, sit back, and enjoy the event!


Liveblog of the “Star Tours – Last Call for Endor Express” Event:


That’s all from Disneyland Paris Treasure’s liveblog. Thanks for following the action and a special thanks to Mathias Dugoujon and the Disneyland Paris Team who’ve worked so hard to create an amazing event tonight.
Until next time!


Again quite a few posts got stuck because of bad reception. (but not as much as during the Space Mountain event luckily) will upload them later, as soon as I have some decent WiFi


What a great closing ceremony. I have filmed it and will also upload it to YouTube very soon.

And that’s just it! The very last original Star Tours 1.0 has been offically closed. There are no more Flights to Endor!

Update! Uploaded & added the YouTube video below:

Full recording of the official Star Tours closing ceremony “Astroport Closing Procedure”, filmed at 1080p/50fps:

Or watch it on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/jPLwQ-jSxwo


The ceremony has started, the ‘DJ’ suddenly has come to life:


Quite a crowd has gathered. The Star Wars music mix is amazing, would love to have it!


While the few lucky ones who won the scratchcard contest actually enjoy the very very last Trip to Endor (yes, I’m disappointed) everyone else is gathering in front of Star Traders, waiting for the official closing ceremony


Ran into Lord Vader on my way to the closing ceremony


Yup, that’s for dinner tonight!


Videopolis also remains open throughout the event. Time to grab a quick bite!


There is an android DJ on the roof of Star Traders playing a rather cool Star Wars set for tonight:


The ‘Last Trip to Endor’ pin I bought this afternoon is sold out now, I was just told!


I already have it (of course ? ) so I’m thinking about this quite large BB-8, moving with lights and sounds? What do you think? Should I get one?


Last chance to pick up the original Starspeeder 3000? After all, there is not much ride specific (and actually well made) merchandise, is there?


Star Traders is already closed (and has been already emptied!) but Constellations is open for the event. No special or limited edition merch though:


All of Discoveryland is accessible for us for this event, which is the coolest thing! Everything is lit up but Orbitron is not moving and no trains are launched at Space Mountain. As most people are at Star Tours or Videopolis the whole Vernian section of Discoveryland is deserted, altogether resulting in a beautifully eerie atmosphere!


Discoveryland seems quite empty from this point of view:

Panorama of Disneyland Paris Discoveryland at night


Star Traders, the Disneyland Paris boutique for Star Wars merchandise is closed


Presentation had just ended, I have a very good recording of it, which I’ll upload to the YouTube channel soon: https://www.youtube.com/c/DisneylandParisTreasures

Update! Uploaded & added the YouTube video below:

Full recording of the presentation with Imagineer Laurent Cayuela and special guests Luq Hamett and Patrice Girod, recorded in 1080p / 50fps:

Or watch it on YouTube, here: https://youtu.be/Rn6nWmzRBNU


Presentation is about to start. I’ll film the whole presentation (will upload it to YouTube later on), so I’ll not post during it


Thanks @SalonMickeyBlog for picking me up!!


Almost would have missed to get a good seat for the soon to start presentation!!!


And of course Darth Vader accompanied by some Storm Troopers:


He looks amazing and moves and sounds just like in the movies! 😮 I’d give my right arm to own this R2 unit!!!


R2-D2 just arrived to greet the fans:


I have to admit I will not be sorry to see this exit area change. I well remember the “Astroport Services Interstellaires” and its interactive video games from the early days and passing through this now empty, almost useless hall just filled with coin-op arcade games always saddened me a bit…


We just finished the ride and as we walk towards the exit we pass by ROX-N. Did you you know that long ago she could tell you your future?


About to board!! Some are getting quite emotional. We certainly will miss Star Tours 1.0. I always liked the thought that Disneyland Paris was the last Disney Park in the world where you could experience it



Sector 2! We will probably see G2-9T again in Star Tours 2.0, not so sure about R5-D2 though…


One last shot of the original StarSpeeder 3000




Welcome to Star Tours Spaceport! Time to say goodbye to the vintage “Star Wars” adventure. How about some last impressions of the very last original Star Tours queue line…


Disneyland Park is now officially closed. Star Tours Wait Time: 0


All around the Star Tours building 3G reception is really bad, as I remember just too well from the Space Mountain reopening event :/


And here we are! Quite empty yet…


Just arrived at Discoveryland. The most spectacular land at night, imho!


Great idea: the programme actually doubles as Scratchcard which offers a chance to win one of the few VERY VERY LAST Trips to Endor boarding passes!


Here is the full official programme:



Just picked up our event passes and the programme:


Oh, btw, this IS the queue to the very last Star Tours trip to the forest moon of Endor: ?


…and we are live! In queue for the very last Star Tours trip to the forest moon of Endor!!

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