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I must have been fourteen years old when my dad one day returned from that business trip to California and brought back with him this amazing book of the most wondrous place a boy could imagine. It was the Souvenir Book to Disneyland!

Growing up in the heart of Europe I certainly was no stranger to the Mouse and I most likely had already heard some stuff about this place before that day, but obviously it did not prepare me for what I was about to see because I remember very well how much this book shook my world.

Every single page was filled with the most magical and most unbelievable things a young boy could imagine! There were futuristic trains riding on beams high in the air and even right through the middle of a huge and even more futuristic looking hotel! There was this huge, metallic looking orb from the future (the book also had a small section featuring Walt Disney World)  but it had people from the stone age inside, there were pirate boats traveling through dark caves filled with skeletons and treasure, there was this old mine train on a funny looking mountain, a spooky house filled with graves and ghosts, a cruise through a wild and dangerous jungle river and you could even travel to Endor with R2D2 and C3PO! All those things I was shown by this book, and I knew this was not a fairy tale book, these things were existing for real! Somewhere, right now, people were actually experiencing these amazing adventures!

On countless afternoons that summer I was laying on my bed, gazing again and again on each page of this book, wondering how great it must be to visit this magical place and experience the adventures yourself and why on earth an entire ocean must be separating it from me.

As the years passed by and I grew older I of course forgot about these childhood desires, and so, one day, something like 5 years later, I found myself very surprised about my own excitement when I learned about the fact that they were actually building a Disneyland Park in Paris, France, which is pretty much ‘right around the corner’, at least compared to California. Could it really be that after all these years my dreams about visiting such a place could actually come true?

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On April 14th, 1992, just two days after Euro Disneyland officially opened to the public, I stepped through its gates for the first time and, boy, was I not disappointed!

With this blog I will attempt to show you the wonders and hidden treasures in and around Disneyland Paris, so that you too can feel that excitement like I did!