Hotel Cheyenne – New “Texas” Rooms

The other day the Disneyland Paris Treasures blog was kindly granted an exclusive private tour of the newly refurbished and redesigned Texas rooms at Disneyland Paris’s wonderful and very popular Hotel Cheyenne. These rooms have been completely renovated and are now themed around Toy Story’s Sheriff Woody.

As these rooms are not yet available to the public the Disneyland Paris Treasures blog is especially proud to bring you this full photo and video tour preview!

We begin with the photo tour, find the video tour below, at the end of this post:

Hotel Cheyenne - the door to Sheriff Woody's Texas room

Like all Hotel Cheyenne rooms the new Texas rooms have at the entry a closet on one side and the bath on the other. We’ll inspect both later during the tour, but for the moment we head right deeper into the room.

Hotel Cheyenne - The view to the bed side of the main room

As we enter the main area the first thing we notice is the missing bunk beds, which have always been a signature feature of the Hotel Cheyenne’s rooms. Instead there is now a stow-away bed in one corner and a Queen size bed in the other. We also notice the much warmer colour-scheme and the soft lighting.

Hotel Cheyenne - The Queen size bed

A closer shot of the Queen size bed. Notice the new bedspread, spotted similar to Sheriff Woody’s distinctive white-and-black cowhide vest.

Hotel Cheyenne - The bed side table with phone

Between the two beds there is a small bedside table and the room’s phone.

Hotel Cheyenne - a view to the bed side of the room from the far corner

Here’s the far corner looking back the other direction. Notice Woody, Jessie and Bullseye at the new wallpaper borders.

Hotel Cheyenne - The new stow-away bed which replaces the bunk beds

A closer shot of the stow-away bed which features a rough leather look and again Sheriff Woody’s cowhide pattern.

Hotel Cheyenne - The new Sheriff Woody lamps

The bed side of the room features a light wood panel wall décor which brings additional warmth and cosiness to the room. Above each bed two rustic lamps…

Hotel Cheyenne - The new Sheriff Woody lamp up close

…which prominently feature everyone’s favourite Cowboy, as a closer look reveals.

Hotel Cheyenne - A scene from Toy Story 3 framed on the wall

A framed scene from Toy Story 3 with Woody, Jessie and Bullseye.

Hotel Cheyenne - The view towards the window

The view towards the window. The curtain patterns reflect Woody’s blue jeans and his yellow shirt with the red square outlines.

Hotel Cheyenne - The TV side of the room

The TV side of the room features a large dresser, a settee, a huge (!) flat-screen TV and…

Hotel Cheyenne - The cowboy boot lamp now features Sheriff Woody

…the original cowboy boot lamp, another signature feature of the Hotel Cheyenne. The lamp has been beautifully refurbished and now also features Sheriff Woody on its lampshade.

Hotel Cheyenne - A convenient socket bank with USB outlets

Like in the also recently refurbished and redesigned Newport Bay Club rooms, an easily accessible socket bank was added to the room, featuring two USB outlets for convenient charging of multiple gadgets at the same time.

Hotel Cheyenne - Settee and Mirror

The settee and a large mirror above.

Hotel Cheyenne - Horseshoe shaped Mirror

A closer look at the mirror reveals its horseshoe shaped frame and Woody’s Sheriff Badge at the bottom.

Hotel Cheyenne - Connecting door

As we continue our photo tour and head to the bathroom we pass the connecting door with rustic coat hooks. On the small table beside it the base of an electric water kettle — someone removed the kettle itself and didn’t bring it back 🙂

Hotel Cheyenne - View into the bathroom

The view into the bathroom. The bath features on one side a large vanity area…

Hotel Cheyenne - Vanity area with single sink

…with a single sink and lots of space for toiletries…

Hotel Cheyenne - Vanity area with lots of space for toiletries

…as well as a very large mirror above it.

Hotel Cheyenne - Disneyland Paris logo on the new hairdryer

The new hairdryer is much more ergonomic and features a Disneyland Paris logo.

Hotel Cheyenne - The bath tub side of the bathroom

On the other side of the bath the bath tub with (non-branded) shower curtain…

Hotel Cheyenne - Dark wood panelling décor surrounds the bath tub

…surrounded by a dark wood panelling décor.

Hotel Cheyenne - Opposite to the bath the closet and in-room safe

As we leave the bath we find the closet, mentioned at the beginning of the tour…

Hotel Cheyenne - Closer view of the in-room safe

…as well as the in-room safe, which is large enough to fit a 15″ laptop.

Hotel Cheyenne - The also redesigned hotel corridor

We conclude our photo tour with a view down the also redesigned hotel corridor. The corridor walls and carpet are now more colourful, and hint at the colour scheme you’ll find in the rooms.

That’s it for our tour of Sheriff Woody’s new Texas rooms at Hotel Cheyenne! Hopefully you enjoyed this exclusive glimpse into a hotel room that is not yet available for guests to experience. Disneyland Paris is doing a wonderful job on the renovations of the Disney hotels and these new Texas rooms will surely prove to be very popular among the young cowboys (and cowgirls!) of Hotel Cheyenne.

Now, as promised at the beginning of this post, find here a full HD video tour of this newly renovated and redesigned Hotel Cheyenne Standard Room:

If you enjoyed this exclusive photo tour make sure to leave a comment below and you’ll receive a little Hotel Cheyenne surprise in your inbox, as a thank-you!

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  1. the rooms look lovely. we are currently considering a holiday to Euro Disney and will probably book this hotel.

  2. This makes me more excited!! Me and my partner are staying here 9th-12th September for my 30th! Cannot wait!!

  3. Looks very nice, can’t wait until our arrival on March. Hope it is still 2 double beds as we have booked (Texas trundle).

  4. Can’t wait to go in March. Love the look of the rooms and So glad there will be a kettle,

  5. Looking forward to our stay here, with our very excited 11 year old, this August!!!!

  6. The rooms look great and we can’t wait to arrive in a couple of weeks for my daughters 10th birthday, she will love it (as will we)! I liked the fact that the new Texas rooms have a hairdryer, more rooms in suitcase for more essential items 🙂

  7. This place looks great – I’m definitely looking forward to our stay here in September!!!

  8. Great to see the photos, and pleased to see a hairdryer! We visit in 3 days and can’t wait!!

  9. Love the pictures. Just booked for March 2019, taking my great grandchildren for the first time. Can’t wait.

  10. Thanks for the tour. We are staying there tomorrow and it looks fab. Glad to see the hairdryer too. So excited for our trip !

  11. We are staying in one of these rooms in October, love the Woody decor, my son will be so excited. Good idea having the little bed in the corner, looks more spacious and trendy

  12. Hi
    Are all the Texas room upgraded by now and does anyone have a pic of how the stowaway bed look when it’s pulled out?

  13. Looks great. Will be here with my wife and two boys for my 30th Birthday this April. Can’t wait, the boys don’t know yet.

  14. Looking forward to being in DLP this coming weekend….my last visit was 22 years ago, now im bringing my youngest daughter to compete with her cheer team

  15. Thank you so much for a glimpse of what we have to look forward to in July, the room looks very cosy

  16. We arrive tomorrow afternoon, our second stay at Cheyenne…the kids are beyond excited… I’m delighted to see there’s a hairdryer and a bath tub!!!

  17. I am staying in one of these rooms in Feb 2018 and have loved looking around first.

  18. These rooms look fab. The tour was great. Thanks for that. We have now book to stay here and I’m really excited

  19. I LOVE these pictures!!! I am booking a trip for May 2018 and CAN NOT wait to stay in one of these new rooms. Thank you so much for the awesome details pics – looks like Disney magic to me!

  20. Stayed in the Texas room, Running Bear building, a month ago.
    Loved the design of the room (1 double + 1 pullout).
    Wifi signal not available on iphone, only on android.
    However, we wont be staying again or at least till/if they improve the double bed situation. Its just unbearably hard. Pull out bed is much better.
    Even Santa Fe has a better bed in comparison.
    Huge shame, would have been our favorite hotel otherwise.

  21. Thank you for posting such a detailed tour of you’re newly refurbished Texas rooms. I’m now more excited than ever to come and stay with my little cow boy this Christmas.

  22. We’re going in February 2018 and now seeing these photo’s, we are super excited after reading some bad reviews. ?

    Thank you x

  23. Brilliant Photo Tour, was a great help. Hoping that we can get a room with Bunk Beds as I am bringing my son and daughter who wouldn’t want to share a bed, but the rooms look fab. Really can’t wait to go on Sunday now.

  24. The rooms look superb. We’ve booked to stay in a Texas room this Christmas and even more excited to see the new decor and finishing a!

  25. Planned stay in March in a Texas Room. Really looking forward to it with my Granddaughter.

  26. That was really useful as I wondered if there are hairdryers in the rooms. The responses I got from Google were from about 5 years ago so great to get a more up to date one. Hopefully there are now kettles and hairdryers in every room? Bit worried that the refurbishment isn’t complete yet but looking forward to our trip in 3 weeks…..

  27. I have stayed in the Texas rooms in wyatt Earp building, they are fab! Looking to book for a large party for September 2018

  28. new rooms looking fab …hopefully you keep the some of the bunkbed rooms not 2 double beds in a room not many kids/teenagers like sharing beds

  29. I have booked this hotel for Halloween after going on your tour – thank you so much for sharing!! My daughter is so excited as am I!! Xx

  30. Love the new design: I stayed when the room had the old look; I love the new modern twist on the wooden cowboy theme. Great Job

  31. Love the Western theme and the subtle nods to my favourite Toy Story character, Sheriff Woody … this will appeal to adults and kids alike!

  32. I’ve just booked a 4 day, 5 night break in a Texas Room. Was pleased to find this info as if offers a lot more info than most if the holiday booking sites!

  33. Just stumbled across this from a link in magic forum and really glad I did. Already booked the Sequoia for this year but certainly considering the Cheyenne the year after after seeing your wonderful photos. The one and only time I stayed in Cheyenne was back in 1994 so it will certainly be an improvement. They have thought of everything, USB ports, roll out beds as the bunk beds made the room seem very small, hairdryer and kettle . Even a safe big enough for a 15″ laptop. Brilliant !

  34. i have booked this room for my little family and big kid of a hubby who is the biggest toy story fan. this tour has been most helpful to me as i can show this to my daughter who has autism. She understands alot more through pictures and i can help her understand where we are staying…. so glad i came across this

  35. We’re staying there in two weeks! It’s been really useful to see this article! The room looks great!

  36. We are staying in one of the new Texas rooms this weekend (Feb ’17), so knowing there is a hairdryer and plenty of hanging space is a big help.
    Also knowing there are USB ports helps as we only have one electrical adaptor! Really useful – thanks very much!

  37. looking forward to staying here for the first time, have tried some of the other hotels, so will be good to compare them

  38. Staying here next week and can’t wait. Told our 2 kids yesterday and they are so excited! Photos look really great…thanks.

  39. Thank you so much for this brilliant post. Wasn’t sure about staying here or not but this has definitely helped me to make my decision. Can’t wait!

  40. Thank you ever so much for this detailed description and photo tour. It has helped me immensely in making my decision about booking this hotel. Thank you!

  41. I was already excited to visit here in july but now seeing these images has just tripled that!!! being called Jessie and my other halfs nickname being Woody… only seems right we stay here!!! 🙂 And now with the refurb! superb! it looks so magical but as many have commented without the toy story theme being too ott. being adults (or just big kids) im glad the new style isnt just aimed at younger children (ie bunk beds) but is still accomodating. great job Disney! xxx

  42. Just booked to stay here but the photos were really limited. Thanks so much for posting these photos. Really exciting!

  43. The room looks fantastic for both kids and adults alike. I will love it and so will my kids ?

  44. We are staying in one of these rooms with two double beds, first time I’ve seen the pictures, looks great, is there free WiFi in the new rooms please? Roll on next wk, first visit for us, all very excited 🙂

    1. Hi, does any one know if you can get WiFi in the rooms as I am going for my birthday and cant wait

      1. Last year we were told that free WiFi at the Hotel Cheyenne is only available at the lounge area (which is close to the reception). But when we visited this year and stayed in a Texas Room we were surprised to find that we had very good free WiFi in our room. I cannot say though if this is a new feature just for the new Texas rooms or if it is being rolled out for all the other Standard rooms of the Hotel Cheyenne as well. I guess your best bet would be to call the Hotel Cheyenne’s reception about this. The Hotel Cheyenne’s reception phone number is this: +33 1 60 45 62 00

  45. Love the new Disney rooms , Toy Story theme is fabulous ! My family and I are visiting on 20 th November for 4 nights , my 20 + visit .I LOVE DISNEYLAND PARIS !!!!!Can t wait to view the changes ! X X

  46. We thought these rooms were so inviting yhat we asked of we could have one for our next stay and were told we could…so excited.
    Yee har cowboy.

  47. Can’t wait for our very first trip. This tour has been so helpful as we have just upgraded to Texas room! My daughter is toy story obsessed. We have a huge Jesse and bullseye to hide that are coming along for the trip! My daughter knows nothing about where we are going xx

  48. Stayed at Hotel Cheyenne before and that was great. The new Texas rooms look amazing and add even more magic to the adventure of going to Disneyland Paris.

  49. That is an *improvement*? Wow, in that case it must have looked horrible before… Sorry, but i am not impressed at all. A fold out bed? Seriously?

    1. The new Hotel Cheyenne Texas rooms are also available with two Queen size beds instead of one Queen size + one pull out bed. The redesign itself is certainly a matter of taste but the response so far has been mostly positive. Judge for yourself, here is a full video tour of the original Hotel Cheyenne hotel rooms, before the renovation & redesign (and still feat. the signature bunk beds!):

  50. Just booked for next March, as a family treat. We had lots of questions about the room and decor but these sneak preview has got us really excited. The girls love Toy Story and we’ll feel like we’ll be staying on his and Jesse’s ranch, so many nice touches and the pull out beds will be perfect for the little rooms and the room has plenty of space, relaxing and comfy. As a big kid am looking forward to seeing the Star Wars events, see you in 5 months, not that am counting! Yee ha

  51. So looking forward to staying here the first week of December with our grandson. This will be our fourth visit over a span of 20 yrs, with our own children and then our older grandchildren. Our first visit was this hotel, we have stayed in two of the other hotels and they were lovely but this has always been our favourite it was comfy and friendly. Can’t wait to see his little face when he gets to sleep in woodys room.

  52. Looks lovely . Looking forward to staying in November . Stayed at Santa fe in august .

  53. So nice – going in December , can not wait to see – has been the first hotel I have been to in DLP as a kid of 13 years 🙂

  54. Booked a texas room for January and I can’t wait! The kids don’t even know and it will be a first time for all four of us!

  55. Love new room…..when I booked today I was told the pull out bed would turn into 2 single beds for my children. Can you confirm this?

    1. Yes, I can confirm this! The pull out bed can be set up as 2 singles. But it might be also interesting for you to know that there are also Texas rooms available which feature two Queen size beds instead of one Queen size bed + one pull out bed. It’s always possible to call the reception up to 5 days in advance of your arrival and request a certain room type and they will go out of their way to fulfil your requests.

      1. i have booked a texas room with pull out bed,whitch i understand will convert to two singles,as i am a grandad with three grandchildren one aged 25, im hoping we can cope? they are all looking forward to our stay in August 17.

  56. Looks amazing booked for next year . Going to have one very excited grand child . I stayed here about 10 years ago and hotel was good but new look looks fab

  57. I have just booked for March next year to take my grandchildren age 6 and 4, for the first time, I have just looked at the improvements of these rooms and they look excellent. Not to long and we will be enjoying the new refurbished cheyenne rooms and Disneyland, Thank you.

  58. Can’t wait for our stay at the newly refurbished Hotel Cheyenne. Think I will have 1 very excited lil boy!

  59. can’t wait to stay here again!! my fiancé and i got engaged in DLP last year and stayed at the Cheyenne. such a lovely hotel and this refurb looks even better!

  60. Just booked to stay in one of the new rooms next year so was fab to see what it will be like when we get there!

  61. New rooms look fab ! My son is a toy story fanatic and this will make his day when we arrive on 30th November. They look much fresher and love the stowaway bed. It will give our family of four much more room. So excited now !!!

  62. Thanks for the inside look. I have just booked a newly refurbished room (but with 2 double beds) and its always nice to see what its like before you arrive.

  63. LOVE the look of these rooms, so much so that I’ve booked my first ever visit to DLP and chosen to stay at the Cheyenne in one of these newly refurbished Texas rooms!

  64. We are coming to stay at the Cheyenne hotel the week up to xmas and we like the new look the hotel rooms have can’t wait !!!!

  65. Wow just booked a family 4day stay in Dec 2016
    so looking forward to are trip and are stay in Hotel Cheyenne

  66. Thank you for posting this. I’ve bookd a Texas room for our first visit in November and was a little worried, but after seeing this I’m happy we’ve made the right choice. I love the Woody theme and am sure my little girl and nephew will too ?

  67. Looks lovely, thinking of booking for 2017. Would love to end up in a room like this ?

  68. This room looks amazing. Cant wait to stay here in april. My son is obsessed with toy story, I cant wait to see his face when ge walks into this room

  69. Thanks for the photo tour! Looks lovely 🙂 Much better than the previous rooms! Can’t wait to take my sister and my god daughter next March for their first trip!!

  70. Thank you for this. Have stayed here in the past, but more recently at Newport Bay. Love the look of the new rooms and this post has helped us. We are now booking for October in a new room. Thanks again!

  71. Wow, very nice! I can’t wait to visit. I love the Woody theme. Can’t wait to see DLP!

  72. Thanks for the fab photos and article. Staying in a refurbished room at the end of June, can’t wait!

  73. Always stay at this hotel. About to book our next visit so great pictures to help make the choice over paying the extra to stay in this room.

  74. Rooms look lovely but I’m really disappointed at the lack of bunkbeds. That was a one of the main reasons we stay at this hotel

  75. Looks fab. Always stayed here – our 2 lads love it. Jan 17 ” Cheyenne ” here we come !

  76. I’ll take my children of 4 and 3 to DP for their first (and hopefully not the last) time this summer and I want this room! )
    ’til now it was just the description but now that I see it, I want it more!!

  77. Fantastic refresh. I stay here every other year and my last visit was certainly not magical in the rooms, with excess mould in the bathrooms, graffiti on the bunk beds etc. However this overdue refresh will keep my custom on my next visit. Love the Toy story theme with woody. Great for kids and adults.

  78. Thank you for this wonderful article. I’ve never loved so much the theme of this hotel, but now I absolutely want to go on my next holiday.
    Wonderful job Disneyland!!

  79. Fabulous. Like others though, the bunk beds were always a good choice for family dynamics! Lets hope they have a mix – this style, bunk beds, and two doubles. In fact, all the hotels should have a few rooms with bunk beds I think! Not everyone’s children are happy to share!! lol

  80. Oh wow I think they look brilliant and do like not having bunk beds as my two argued who went on top.
    Great idea with usb sockets too.

  81. Absolutely gorgeous, we stayed in Santa Fe last year but definitely gonna give Cheyenne a try now ?

  82. Do you know when these rooms will be available?
    We are going in July for my little ones birthday!

  83. Wow! A real improvement. Just come back from our fifty visit at Hotel a Cheyenne (our favourite) and definitely thought on this stay, it needs a much needed update. Would definitely like to stay in one of these rooms next time we visit! Love the extra sockets under the tv, this was always a pain for us.

  84. Rooms look lovely and I love that they are specifically Woody themed. Having stayed at the Cheyenne in 2014 when it was looking a little tired, I would definitely give the hotel consideration for a future visit!

  85. It looks lovely , liking the Toy story theme ! I hope they do reinstate the bunk beds in some future rooms as its a good hit with the children of families who decide upon Cheyenne because of those – I know we did . Looking forward to arriving in 7 weeks for our stay at Cheyenne .

  86. Fab, thank you. The rooms look great. I’m glad they’ve kept single beds, two doubles are fine when the children are small but not popular as the kids get a bigger.

  87. This looks fantastic shame they aren’t ready for my trip next month, still gives me a reason to book up again ?

    1. Call the hotel about 5 days before your arrival and inform them that you’d love to stay in one of those new Texas rooms and your chances will be quite good as they will go out of their way to accommodate your wish.

  88. This is very useful thanks as we’re staying at Cheyenne in September but we’ve always chosen it because of the bunk beds 🙁 . Do you know if the pull out bed is set up as 2 single beds or as a double?


  89. Well this as made my mind up between cheyenne and santa fe for next year’s trip!

  90. Cheyenne has always been my favourite, and now it looks even better than ever. Great look inside, thanks for that ?

  91. Looks very nice and bright but I prefer the bunk beds for families,but for myself and wife it is ideal.Does this mean Cheyenne is getting rid of all bunk beds as families of 3 or more will require more beds in the room.

    1. The stow-away can be pulled out so this room also sleeps up to 4 people. Regarding the bunk beds: we’ve been told by a Hotel Cheyenne CM that in the near future yet another new room type will be added, which will keep the bunk beds – which would be nice of course, as a lot of people grew very fond of them. But from a different source we have heard that this new room type will most likely feature two Queen size beds instead – which also sounds very likely, because that’s what all the other Disneyland Paris hotels have. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out 🙂

  92. This looks amazing! It was always my “go to” hotel to stay at, but the refurbishment so far looks stunning.

  93. Thank you so much for this! I was a bit worried about the refurbs as we’ve been going to the Cheyenne for years and the old style is really nostalgic for me, but this has eased my worries as it looks AMAZING. So excited to go back!

  94. The rooms look nice and much brighter. I’m glad they’ve kept the toy story reference subtle because I liked the cowboy feel without it being too in your face child-like. Love the USB sockets, fab idea with all the technology we have. I hope they don’t take the bunkbeds option away from too many of the rooms as this is a fave of mine.

  95. This seems like the best renovation yet! And replacing the bunk beds with a fold out bed means a lot more types of groups can stay in these rooms.

    I don’t like how they haven’t been very subtle with the Toy Story theme, but other than that it’s great.

    1. To be honest, compared to some of the rooms at Walt Disney World’s Value Resorts (e.g. The Little Mermaid rooms at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort) the Toy Story theming here can almost be called faint, certainly much more unobtrusive 🙂

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