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Dear Readers: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and thank you for a great 2014!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and great time with your loved ones. Today is New Year’s Eve and to celebrate I thought it would be nice to end this year by bringing a special gift to the readers of the Disneyland Paris Treasures blog – a full source recording in high quality and with stereo audio of the well-known “Top 10 things to know before you go!” video, Disneyland Paris’s very own Hotel Room TV show.

Sophie in Top ten things to know before you goShould you have ever stayed at one of the Disneyland Paris hotels you’ll undoubtedly remember this show, as it runs 24/7 on its own dedicated channel on the In-Room TV and informs the guests about the most important things not to miss and how to make the best out of their time at the Resort. And while the parents make themselves ready for a busy day at the parks the kids lie on the bed, waiting and watching this show over and over again.

What? Where? When? What not to miss. Smart Tips. Information.The show is broadcast in several languages – English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch – and each language version features its own memorable female host. The English language version features a young lady named Sophie and her performance is especially memorable as she very enthusiastically counts down the top 10 tips and checks off each tip with a hearty and very British “Sorted!”.

I posted a small excerpt of this recording on YouTube in 2010 and since then I got over a hundred requests to post the full version, but as this is very special I wanted to do it justice by doing a blog post and also save it for a special occasion like this.

So, let’s lie on the bed, play the “Top 10 things to know before you go” and pretend you are back “home”, in your cosy Disneyland Paris hotel room:

Update 10/2018: Sadly the YouTube video is no longer available. But don’t be too disappointed, I made up for it and created some nice and rare “Top 10 things to know before you go” treasure for you!! Just unlock the treasure chest and claim your booty! 🙂

Locked Treasure

Ahoy Matey! Ye come seekin’ treasure and salty old pirates, eh? Sure ye come to the proper place!

Inside this treasure chest you'll find some very rare "Top 10 things to know before you go" treasures! To unlock this chest just leave a nice comment below, then head back here and claim your booty!

I chose to post this 2009 version of the show because it was recorded during Disney’s Fairytale Christmas and of course all of Disneyland Paris’s special Christmas events and entertainment are promoted:

What? Where? When? What not to miss. Smart Tips. Information.

Here we go! The “Top 10 things to know before you go“:

No. 1 – New

The show starts of course with the No. 1, and this contains the most important things not to miss. Disneyland Paris updates the highlights contained within No. 1  on a regular basis so it usually showcases the newest attractions, shows and of course the highlights of the current season.

No. 1 – New attractions, shows and entertainment at Disneyland Paris

Meet Santa Clause in Disney's Christmas Parade

Enjoy the Disneyland Paris nighttime spectacular Fantillusion

Christmas Season exclusive show Mickey's Winter Wonderland

No. 1 on the “Top 10 things to know before you go“: From the 8th of November 2009 to the 6th of January 2010: Welcome to Disney’s Fairytale Christmas – Snow is falling and magical shows and parades are all around. This year meet Santa Clause in his village.

New shows at Disneyland Paris during Mickey's Magical Party

Meet and Greet all the Disney Characters at Minnie's Party Train

Disney's Stars'n'Cars parade at Walt Disney Studios Park

New attraction Playhouse Disney Live! at Walt Disney Studios Park

Also featured within No.1 is Mickey’s Magical Party – the year-long celebration of 2009, Minnie’s Party Train, as well as the all new Disney Stars’n’Cars parade and Playhouse Disney Live! attraction at Walt Disney Studios Park.

Mickey’s Magical Party – its party time with Mickey and friends. Mingle and tingle with Disney characters during Minnie’s Party Train. Buckle up for the all new Disney’s Stars’n’Cars at Walt Disney Studios Park. Playhouse Disney live on stage – ready for the party of the year.

No. 2 – Family fun in Disneyland® Park

Family fun in Disneyland Park

Disney's Once Upon A Dream Parade

No. 2 on the “Top 10 things to know before you go“: Family Shows and Attractions. Featured here are Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, the Disney’s Once Upon A Dream Parade and It’s A Small World.

No. 3 – Meet’n’Greet Disney Characters

No. 3 on the “Top 10 things to know before you go“: Meet and greet Disney Characters! Sophie hangs out with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Pluto on Town Square. She then explains the importance of the park guide and where to get one.

No. 4 – Big Thrills in Disneyland® Park

No. 4 on the “Top 10 things to know before you go“: Adrenaline rides at Disneyland Park. It is time to take the ride of your life on Space Mountain 2! Amazing special effects and 100% pure intensity. Also featured is Big Thunder Mountain but no Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. Sophie then briefly introduces the viewers to FastPass. No queues, no worries, no time wasted.

No. 5 – Family fun in Walt Disney Studios® Park

No. 5 on the “Top 10 things to know before you go“: Behind the scenes magic at Walt Disney Studios Park. Studio Tram Tour – Behind the magic, Stitch Live! be among the first to have a blast at this interactive and unique experience where Stitch talks, jokes and has fun with you. Cars Race Rally – hit the road with Lightning McQueen and friends! Animagique – they have given Donald his own show.

No. 6 – Big Thrills in Walt Disney Studios® Park

No. 6 on the “Top 10 things to know before you go“: White Knuckle rides and attractions. Motor Action Stunt Show spectacular – 45 minutes of pure raft up action. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Crush’s Coaster.

No. 7 – Eat’n’Greet with Disney Characters

No. 7 on the “Top 10 things to know before you go“: Eat and greet with the Disney characters. Join Suzy and Perla at the Auberge de Cendrillion. Its Disney-licious! To make sure you get a great table at meal times call the Disney Reservation system and book.

No. 8 – Disney® Village

No. 8 on the “Top 10 things to know before you go“: Disney Village! Restaurants, Dancing, Live Entertainment, Shopping – ooh la la! Also featured is Buffalo Bills Wild West Show.

No. 9 – Enjoy even more…

No. 9 on the “Top 10 things to know before you go“: It is time to take a load off. Unwind by the pool, Golf Disneyland, Outdoor tracking with Davy Crockett’s Adventure Relaxation.  Chilling out Disney style.

No. 10 – Fun beyond the Resort

No. 10 on the “Top 10 things to know before you go“: Well you can’t visit Disneyland Resort Paris and not see Paris or its surrounding country side. Discover the wonderful Île-de-France region. Take a trip to Paris, Day trips ask the concierge to give you a hand.

Well, that’s it for the Top 10 things to know before you go. “Go on, grab your park guide because its gonna be the most supercalifragilistic day of your life!

I hope you enjoyed this special treat for the end of the year. I have many more versions of this great “Top 10 things to know before you go” show from lots of different years and also in the other languages, so if you leave a nice comment below I’ll send you a private link to the other versions as a thank-you!

As for now I wish you and your loved ones a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and happiest new year ahead! Happy New Year.

P.S.: If you enjoyed this 2009 Hotel Room TV video make sure to check out the rare 1995 Room TV show, which which features some dearly missed and long lost treasures: 1995 Disneyland Paris Hotel Room TV Video


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  2. I love Sophie. Sorted! I especially like “the Disney Pixuusss film, Finding Nemmmo”.

  3. I Love the Hotel Loops. Wish I had all of them at Home to watch again and again and again…. No! I have to stop this 😉

  4. Very nostalgic for this, last trip was 2010 so I’ve got fond memories of watching this thing at least 100 times over the course of my stay. I can even remember the trailers that would play in the break, good times!

  5. 10 TTTNBYG was legendary, a staple of Disneyland Paris television. I have a feeling however the hotels TVs will one day be updated to better reflect its American cousins…

  6. I love the Disney hotel TV channel. For me it is a must for each stay. I hope it will never be changed and always adapted as it was super well done in 2019 with the new visuals.

  7. love the top 10. nostalgia. thank you for this. Don’t know why but it’s catchy somehow

  8. I won’t that chest, so I better say something…
    I’m probably gonna keep reading from this website cuz it’s really interesting? [not a lie]
    Now Gimme gimme

  9. I’m recently back from my first trip to Disneyland Paris and reading through this blog is just bringing back all those happy memories. This video in particular provided us with a lot of amusement when we got back at night – I’m so glad I get the chance to re-watch this at home!

  10. I’m recently back from my first trip to Disneyland Paris and reading through this blog brings back all those moments of joy. This hotel tv video in particular provided us with a lot of amusement after we finally got back to the hotel at night 🙂 It’s still as entertaining watching at home!

  11. Wonderful Site, I Am A Huge Paris Fan. Its Great to See All This Again From The Comfort Of My Home. And I Am So Pleased to See The Hotel TV Again “Top 10 Things” Brilliant

  12. She is an annoying, hyperactive person, nothing else. Disney should rather give hotel guests (usually stressed and ‘over-entertained’ by 24 hours music, colour and noise) a breather instead of releasing such maniacs on their guests, who are simply trying to relax a few minutes in-front of their hotel room TV…

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