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1992 Euro Disneyland Board Game

“Experience the thrill of a day at EURO DISNEYLAND Park! Four exciting games of skill and chance – a gold rush around Big Thunder Mountain, a chase in the maze with Alice in Wonderland, a nerve-racking journey through space! Ride the railroad around the gameboard, collecting prizes as you race to join Mickey’s victory parade on Main Street, U.S.A.!”

This bold and exciting sounding claim can be found on the box of the 1992 Euro Disneyland Board Game, one of the more exceptional items published in relation to the opening of the new Euro Disneyland theme park.

Box Art - Front

1992 Euro Disneyland Board Game – Box Art

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1995 Disneyland Paris Hotel Room TV Video

If you have ever stayed in one of the Disneyland Paris hotels you most likely have a lasting impression of one of the more rarely mentioned benefits of staying in a Disney hotel room: Disney’s very own Hotel Room TV Show. This distinctive show runs 24/7 on its own dedicated channel on the In-Room TV and showcases the attractions, restaurants and entertainment of Disneyland Paris, in general just things that you really shouldn’t miss to make the most out of your stay.

In 1995, just like today, there has been such a Hotel Room TV Show. Unlike the show of today, in which they just highlight in ‘Top 10 List’ style with brief, flashy video clips the “Top 10 things to know before you go”, the show from 1995 takes a beautiful and much more jovial stroll through all of Disneyland Park, Festival Disney (as Disney Village was still called back then) and the Disney Hotels.

The Disneyland Paris Treasure blog is proud to bring you this exact, very rare and almost 20 year old Hotel Room TV Show video – a real treasure of Disneyland Paris history – in astonishing high quality, just as if you were there right now, back in 1995, laying on your comfy Disneyland Hotel room bed and turning on the TV!

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1992 Euro Disneyland Souvenir Map

One of the most treasured items of my Disneyana collection must be the 1992 Euro Disneyland Souvenir Map, which is hanging, nicely framed, on the wall of my study. With a size of 113 x 75 cm (44.5″ x 29.5″) this map is quite large and I remember it wasn’t very easy to find a frame large enough for it.

I do love this map. I love to study it and no matter how often I look at it I still discover something new each time, something I have never seen before (isn’t it like that with any good Disney attraction?).

The map is beautifully drawn and coloured and it is packed with so many intricate details that it is a real treasure trove of information about the Euro Disneyland park of 1992 and its’ then-conceived future.

This map was sold as souvenir in the early years at Euro Disneyland and it is not so easy to be found nowadays, so I thought it would be a really nice gift to all the Disneyland Paris enthusiasts out there – and also the first real Disneyland Paris Treasure of this blog – to give you this rare and beautiful piece of Disneyland Paris history in digitalised glorious high definition! This way you too can check out all these little details that I’m talking about. See for yourselves:

1992 Euro Disneyland Souvenir Map, by Sam McKim

1992 Euro Disneyland Souvenir Map, by Sam McKim

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