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1992 Euro Disneyland Souvenir Map

One of the most treasured items of my Disneyana collection must be the 1992 Euro Disneyland Souvenir Map, which is hanging, nicely framed, on the wall of my study. With a size of 113 x 75 cm (44.5″ x 29.5″) this map is quite large and I remember it wasn’t very easy to find a frame large enough for it.

I do love this map. I love to study it and no matter how often I look at it I still discover something new each time, something I have never seen before (isn’t it like that with any good Disney attraction?).

The map is beautifully drawn and coloured and it is packed with so many intricate details that it is a real treasure trove of information about the Euro Disneyland park of 1992 and its’ then-conceived future.

This map was sold as souvenir in the early years at Euro Disneyland and it is not so easy to be found nowadays, so I thought it would be a really nice gift to all the Disneyland Paris enthusiasts out there – and also the first real Disneyland Paris Treasure of this blog – to give you this rare and beautiful piece of Disneyland Paris history in digitalised glorious high definition! This way you too can check out all these little details that I’m talking about. See for yourselves:

1992 Euro Disneyland Souvenir Map, by Sam McKim

1992 Euro Disneyland Souvenir Map, by Sam McKim

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