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Recently the Disneyland Paris Treasures blog was kindly granted a private tour of the newly renovated and completely redesigned Standard Rooms of Disneyland Paris’s wonderful Newport Bay Club hotel. As these new rooms are not yet available for guests to book we are especially proud to bring you this full photo tour preview as well as a complete video tour!

We begin with the photo tour, find the video tour below, at the end of this post:



As we enter this redesigned Standard Room we immediately notice the new, much warmer colour scheme. Very apparent also the absence of the huge and heavy blue bedspreads.


Warm colours, soft lighting and a variety of textures help to create a cosy atmosphere, which will become especially appreciable in the evening.

phototour-npbc-new-room-04 phototour-npbc-new-room-05

One of the room’s two chairs fits nicely under the table and saves space when not needed. The small compartment right below the mirror can be opened and contains a variety of power outlets for different plug types, so charging one’s gadgets will be much easier in the future.

phototour-npbc-new-room-06 phototour-npbc-new-room-07

The two double beds have been kept from the original interior, but a Hidden Mickey was cleverly added to their design.


A look at the lovely thick carpet reveals many more Hidden Mickeys …


… and Disney Characters hidden at the wallpaper borders (if you want to see all of them just watch the full video tour of this room which you’ll find at the end of this post).


We continue our photo tour and head to the bathroom.

phototour-npbc-new-room-11 phototour-npbc-new-room-12

phototour-npbc-new-room-13 phototour-npbc-new-room-14 phototour-npbc-new-room-15

Certainly an improvement is the ‘real’ hairdryer (with Disneyland Paris logo).


The basin was reduced in size in order to leave more space for the guest’s toiletries around it.


The white shower curtains with the Newport Bay Club logo on them will certainly be missed.

phototour-npbc-new-room-18 phototour-npbc-new-room-19

On our way out we notice an electric iron & ironing board are now part of every room.

phototour-npbc-new-room-20We end our photo tour of these newly renovated Newport Bay Club Standard Rooms with a view down the also redesigned hotel corridor. Here too the hotel’s charming nautical theme has been enhanced with a variety of textures and warm colours and almost makes one feel as if on board one of the elegant ships of the Disney Cruise Line.

Now, as promised at the beginning of this post, find here a full HD video tour of this newly renovated and redesigned Newport Bay Club Standard Room:

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  1. I love the potholes boarders and the luggage trunk style of the table & tv unit. Thank you for the photo tour.

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