Disney’s Halloween Festival 2014

After last year’s amazing Disneyland Paris Halloween season, which featured such beautiful decorations and a great set of entertainment (like the brand new Mickey’s Halloween Celebration) and streetmosphere I’m sure we are all very much looking forward to what they have in store this year. Well, Disneyland Paris has just released extensive information about their upcoming Disney’s Halloween Festival 2014 in form of an official Press Release:

Press Release

Disneyland Paris Halloween 2014

A Maleficent Halloween at Disneyland® Paris

– from 1 October to 2 November 2014 –

A Maleficent Halloween at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is the place to be to meet
the gang of Disney Villains
during Disney's Halloween Festival 2014

From 1 October to 2 November 2014, Disneyland Paris is the place to be to meet the Halloween gang of Disney Villains. Every day, Maleficent will bring together the Disney Villains in a cheerfully ominous atmosphere, promising Disneyland Paris guests encounters to die (laughing) for. The Sleeping Beauty Castle Courtyard will be transformed to welcome the good Disney Villains who will take mischievous pleasure in taking over Disney's Halloween Festival.

And that's not all! During this delightfully frightening month, ghosts and 'Disney’s Funky Pumpkins*' will take possession of Main Street, U.S.A., astonishing pumpkins will take over the flowerbeds in Central Plaza and Frontierland will be transformed into an autumn garden, where sunflowers and pumpkins will take centre stage. Finally, Mickey and friends will offer guests a special Harvest festival-themed cavalcade, not far from Minnie's Halloween Costume Corner or the incredible candy-making machine invented by greedy Goofy, all designed to ensure Disney's Halloween Festival is a laugh a minute!

NEW: The Maleficent Disney Villains Promenade

With Maleficent in the leading position, the Disney Villains will be the unmissable stars of Disney's Halloween Festival.

The Maleficent Disney Villains Promenade

Every day, the Disney Villains will be happy to have their photos taken with guests to immortalize this fearsomely funny occasion forevermore.

Together with Maleficent, the Disney Villains will parade around Central Plaza to welcome guests.

NEW: Maleficent's Court

In the Sleeping Beauty Castle Courtyard, Maleficent and her accomplices will create an unmissable spectacle, which will be the place to be seen!

Maleficent's Court

This year, Maleficent will cast a spell on the Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Disneyland Park and will invite some of the Disney Villains to join her in the Castle Courtyard.

Maleficent, surrounded by her friends, the Disney Villains, will take over the place — it has now been invaded by imposing brambles, which guests will be able to pose in front of, next to the Disney Villains.

That is how huge brambles mysteriously appear in the Castle Courtyard. Shaped like the famous horns of Maleficent herself, these brambles form the outline of an imposing dragon.

As night falls, the bramble will take on a more disquieting look, immersing guests in a universe of bright, unsettling colours.

Mickey's Halloween Celebration

To celebrate Halloween and to provide guests with a unique party, Mickey and friends will offer guests a cavalcade specially dedicated to the Harvest festival, and have naturally been inspired by the autumn and Harvest theme.

Several times a day, Mickey and friends will parade in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle and along Main Street, U.S.A., surrounded by dancers wearing autumn colours.

This year, the lovely Daisy will open the cavalcade. The Three Little Pigs and Horace will join Mickey's Halloween Celebration on their brand new float 'Raise the Rafters!'. Surrounded by owls, black cats, spiders and bats, the Three Little Pigs, Horace and Clarabelle will dance to country music in front of their farm. A tree and an enchanted mushroom will come to life as if by magic.

As for the Disney Characters, they will be showing off their most stunning seasonal costumes. Donald will explore the wonders of autumn in a world made of straw and pumpkins, together with his inseparable nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie. Meanwhile, Uncle Scrooge will bring up the rear, determined to keep determined to keep careful watch over a strange pumpkin that appears to be worth its weight in gold…

Mickey and Minnie pay homage to the Harvest season from their huge horn of plenty, filled with autumn leaves, fruits and pumpkins. Behind them, Chip and Dale, accompanied by the charming Clarice, have taken advantage of the Harvest to steal and hoard as many hazelnuts as they can lay their hands on!

Ghosts invade Disneyland Park

They thought they could keep a low profile throughout Halloween month, but guests will only be able to unmask them and immortalise them in a photo!

The ghosts of the former residents of Main Street, U.S.A. will use Halloween as the perfect opportunity to make their grand appearance. Delighted to be able to make an appearance during Disney's Halloween Festival, they will take over Main Street, U.S.A., trying to blend into the scenery. The Park's apprentice ghost hunters will be invited to unmask them, armed with their cameras.

Hilarious encounters with Disney Characters

The Disney characters get dressed up to the nines to welcome guests in a vibrant and colourful Halloween atmosphere for those special photo opportunities with guests.

Halloween Costume Corner

Passionate about sewing and fashion, Minnie will invite guests to discover her amazing sewing workshop, specially created for Halloween. An extravagant, colourful world where everyone is encouraged to let their imagination run wild.

Minnie, in her fabulous Halloween-inspired dress will no doubt jump at the opportunity to pose with her admirers.

Goofy Bonbons

Halloween would not be the same without bonbons and spells. For that reason, Goofy has designed and created a truly amazing candy-making machine to dazzle those with a sweet tooth, young and old! Fans of bonbons and Goofy will not miss the opportunity to stop in front of this astonishing machine.

Goofy might even join them to make sure everything is in good working order. A moment to treasure and a chance for everyone to persuade him to share his confectionery secrets!

Jack and Sally's Cemetery

(from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas© Disney)

The famous couple created by Tim Burton will be at Disneyland Paris during Halloween for a mortally enchanting encounter. The set recreates the universe of the film The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Jack and Sally in person will welcome those who will be courageous enough to meet them. A reproduction inspired by the universe of Tim Burton, Jack and Sally's Cemetery is a unique place.

NEW: Disney PhotoPass+

The perfect opportunity to capture your best moments with the Disney Villains.

Disney PhotoPass+ allows guests to collect all their souvenir photos taken on rides or with Disney Characters by Park photographers at photo locations in high definition in a virtual portfolio.

The photos are also available on a dedicated website (www.disneyphotopass.eu) and on a mobile app that enables guests to download them, share them on social networks and even purchase personalised photo products (photo albums, mugs, calendars etc.).

Disney's Halloween Festival will therefore be the ideal time to capture the best poses next to the Disney Villains.

Disney's Halloween Party: the grand finale on 31 October!

Guaranteed screams, even for the bravest guests. The most magical Halloween night will take place at Disneyland Paris!

The now famous Disney's Halloween Party** will be held on 31 October 2014 in Disneyland Park. A unique experience to share with family or friends from 8.30 pm to 1 am.

Disneyland Park will reopen its doors after dark and guests will see it as they have never seen it before — in a more mysterious atmosphere than ever,with unexpected animations, terrifyingly delicious surprises and a 'hellish' atmosphere. The moon will bring out the ghosts, Disney Villains and other creatures for the party, who are all ready to play their tricks around the most mysterious of places. After enjoying the many attractions Disneyland Park has to offer, guests will be able to immerse themselves in the magical extravaganza of the Disney Dreams®! night-time show.

Thrilling rides

Hair-raising, high-speed sensations!”

Halloween will be the perfect occasion to test guests' vocal chords on rides that will make them tremble with fear! With The Twilight Zone Tower of TerrorTM, Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster with Aerosmith, Indiana JonesTM and the Temple of Peril, Crush’s Coaster® and Space Mountain: Mission 2, Disneyland Paris will be the place to be to test the limits of the most overwhelming fears.

The Disney Villains have chosen the right occasion for their largest gathering — Disney's Halloween Festival 2014 has become autumn's unmissable event.

In an atmosphere where laughter mingles with spells cast by Maleficent, guests will find themselves immersed in a strange, delightful world that only Disneyland Paris knows how to create. To celebrate Halloween and the Harvest season with Mickey and friends, come to Disneyland Paris from 1October to 2 November 2014.


Update: Thanks to @InsideDLParis we now have even more in-depth information about the upcoming Disneyland Paris Halloween 2014 including details on Disney’s Halloween Party:

Over the last two years we saw Disneyland Paris’ Halloween transforming into a traditional Harvest celebration,

Main Street residents are decorating their houses with Funky Pumpkins and orange coloured banners, whilst the Ghosts of former residents will once again take over the street and create some fun photo opportunities, A new photo opportunity this year will be with the Main Street Crooners, previously on top of Disney & Co’s Balcony.

Thunder Mesa in Frontierland is the place to be to find back the Pumpkinmen, they are planning to decorate the land all the way up to Silver Spur Steakhouse this year!

As before, Disney Character shaped pumpkins will take over the Central Plaza flowerbeds. However one of the most popular ones is not set to return to Royal Castle Stage, which will see a more sunflower inspired overlay this year even though no performances are scheduled throughout the regular season.

Harvest celebrations are fun, but Halloween is also the best time to meet these evil Disney Villains.

This year Maleficent is taking over the festivities together with the Halloween gang: Jafar, Captain Hook, Dr. Facilier, Queen of Hearts, Cruella DeVil, Gaston and Snow White’s Stepmother, The Queen!

Every morning when the Disneyland Park opens, get ready for ‘The Maleficent Disney Villains Promenade‘ as the Halloween gang and maybe even some other friends like Scar, Ursula and Chernabog parade around Central Plaza to invite you to their Halloween celebration over in Castle Courtyard.

Throughout the day, the Castle Courtyard is transformed into ‘Maleficent’s Court‘ with massive briars taking over the place, forming the outline of a massive dragon.

This is also the place to meet the Halloween gang and enjoy live music. Make sure to have a look around for the different unique bands present in the Park.

Back this year will be ‘Mickey’s Halloween Celebration‘ the popular new Harvest Cavalcade on the catchy ‘Vive la Vie’ themesong.

3 times a day, see how Daisy Duck has taken the place of Miss Harvest 2014 and leads over 60 performers in this festive mini parade.

New this year will be the addition of the ‘Raise the Rafters!’ unit including a brand new float created especially for the occasion, starring elegant mushroom dancers, Clarabelle, Horace and the 3 Little Pigs!

Of course the cavalcade still includes all of your other favourite Disney friends like: Donald Duck and his Nephews, Winnie the Pooh and friends and Mickey and Minnie!

Halloween is also a perfect time to meet the Disney Characters in their special seasonal outfits.
Come meet Goofy at his crazy Candy Factory on Town Square, Winnie the Pooh will be waiting for you at the Boardinghouse and if he is starring in ‘Mickey’s Halloween Celebration‘ you might spot Marie from the Aristocats there.

Minnie’s Costume Couture is now called the Halloween Costume Corner and if you are lucky you might be meeting that little blue alien Stitch.

In Thunder Mesa, between Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing and the Rustler Roundup Shootin’ Gallery meet Jack Skellington and Sally from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas at their extended Cemetery.

After Disney Magic on Parade make sure to stick around Sleeping Beauty Castle to enjoy the special Halloween Fountains too.

The grand finale of the season is the annual Disney’s Halloween Party on 31 October 2014!*
Between 8.30 PM and 1 AM Guests are treated to some exclusive Halloween fun.

Next to additional performances of Maleficent’s Disney Villains Promenade, Mickey’s Halloween Celebration and Disney Dreams! come and enjoy fun and interactive shows like Goofy’s Shake Your Drums in Videopolis and Minnie’s Pirate Academy on Royal Castle Stage.

Also make sure to join Stitch and Buzz Lightyear at the ‘Halloween Disco-very Dance Party‘ in Discoveryland.

The Disneyland Park will be full of Disney Character meet ‘n’ greets including Mickey and this gang in Cottonwood Creek Ranch, Princess Tiana and friends on the Molly Brown riverboat, the Disney Villains on Castle Courtyard and much much more. Make sure not to miss the locations on Town Square

Come and enjoy the unique Disney Halloween experience at Disneyland Park from 1 October 2014 – 2 November 2014 incl. (No Soft Openings are scheduled to take place)
Don’t miss it!

*Disney’s Halloween Party is a paid event: €41 per person, free for children under 3. Entry to Disneyland Park after 5 PM for holders of a valid evening ticket.


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  1. De grote finale van het seizoen is de jaarlijkse Disney's Halloween Party op 31 oktober 2014! *
    Tussen 20:30 en 01:00 Gasten worden getrakteerd op een aantal exclusieve Halloween plezier.

    Naast de extra prestaties van Maleficent's Disney Schurken Promenade, Mickey's Halloween Celebration en Disney Dreams! kom en geniet van leuke en interactieve shows zoals Goofy's Shake Uw Drums in Videopolis en Minnie's Pirate Academy op Royal Castle Stage.

    Zorg er ook voor om Stitch en Buzz Lightyear meedoen aan het 'Halloween Disco-very Dance Party' in Discoveryland.

    Het Disneyland Park zal vol Disney Character meet zijn 'n' begroet waaronder Mickey en deze bende in Cottonwood Creek Ranch, Prinses Tiana en vrienden op de Molly Brown rivierboot, de Disney Schurken op Binnenplaats van het Kasteel en nog veel meer. Zorg ervoor dat u de locaties op Stadsplein missen

    Kom en geniet van de unieke Disney Halloween ervaring in Disneyland Park van 1 oktober 2014 – 2 november 2014 incl. (Geen Soft Openingen zijn gepland)
    Mis het niet!

    * Disney's Halloween Party is een betaalde evenement: € 41 per persoon, gratis voor kinderen onder de 3 Toegang tot het Disneyland Park na 05:00 voor de houders van een geldig avond ticket.

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